Manage Your Business or Nonprofit's Finances: Anywhere, Anytime

Make your business run more efficiently. Our cash management services help you streamline administrative tasks and improve cash-flow to save time and money.

What is Cash Management for business? 

With First National Bank and Trust Company Cash Management, business owners and nonprofit executives can perform a wide variety of banking functions across multiple devices from almost anywhere in the world. You can review transactions, deposit checks, approve automated payments, such as wires and ACH, and so much more from your office computer or mobile device.

Why choose First National Bank and Trust Company Cash Management over others? 


No two businesses are alike. First National Bank and Trust Company Cash Management allows you to customize the way you pay and organize bills, control users and set tiers for approval and more.


You have the ability to streamline accounts payable and accounts receivable processes and improve your cash flow. Automate your payments, eliminate check writing and keep all billing files on one domain. In other words, this program does the organizing so you don't have to!


With fraud increasing at 25 percent each year, your company’s security is more important than ever. Our system provides a secure platform you can trust, with multi-factor authentication at login, account alerts and a review of wires and other automated payments to make sure a fraudulent transaction is not present. Decrease the circulation of your account information by using automated systems reducing the number of checks you write.

What are the benefits of Cash Management?

With First National Bank and Trust Company's Cash Management program you don't lose sight of your financial position just because you are away from the office. Take advantage of today's technology and take control of your finances from almost anywhere. You've worked hard for your money, and it's time your money worked for you. Set up automated services to maximize your cash flow and save time. 

Business Online Banking

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to company finances
  • Cut down on repetition; save time and reduce errors in accounting
  • Streamline record-keeping
  • Have anytime control of comprehensive information at your fingertips including direct deposit
    • Direct deposit
    • Make and record tax payments
    • Collect or send payments electronically via ACH services
    • Check reconciliation
    • Bill payment services
  • Ability to create multiple employee logins with customized access
  • Credit and debit card processing
    • Retain clients by offering the convenience of paying the way they want
    • Keep more of your profits with a low discount rate and reduced fees
    • Reduce the administrative cost of billing and collections
    • Accelerate cash flow

Main Dashboard

From the main dashboard or "Home", you have a snapshot of your current position as well as a variety of services to choose from at your fingertips.

  • View accounts and real time balances
  • Review and approve pending pending wire or ACH items
  • Access the quick launch options
  • Select "Payments & Transfers" for a variety of options for moving money including internal transfers and Bill Pay
  • Select "Checks & Deposits" to request a stop payment or deposit paper checks from your mobile device or scanner


Accounts tab groups your accounts by category (assets and liabilities) and displays the balances for each group. From the accounts tab you can select an account and view its details. You can search for specific transactions or checks that have cleared the account. You can also:

  • View your transaction history
  • View or download your electronic statement
  • See your most recent deposit at a glance
  • View your real-time balance and pending transactions


This tab gives those with administrator permission access to useful tools that will allow them to manage and customize the information and privileges that are allowed to each user accessing the business online platform by defining and customizing the user roles. Available functions are:

  • Add or remove employees
  • Create groups (categories to organize information, such as transfers, accounts, employees and more)
  • Add or remove accounts
  • Define access times for employees

Business Bill Pay

With a few clicks, you can make payments to almost anyone at anytime in a way that is proven to be safer and more efficient than sending checks in the mail! Online Bill Pay allows users to pay bills in a matter of minutes and set up automatic payments that are easily organized and editable. Bill Pay allows users to sort bills into groups that can be filed under any name (ex. credit card, office supplies, automotive), link invoices to payments and add multiple user levels.

When looking at the Bill Pay dashboard or Payment Center, you will see a current status of your account along with bill reminders, pending and recent payments as well as your list of saved billers. Making a payment is as easy as selecting a saved biller or entering a new one. Then enter the amount you're paying and the pay date. Most bills are received the next business day. Payments that are pending can also be updated or changed.

Wire Transfers

The wire option is a great tool for quickly and securely sending and receiving funds from an account at one financial institution to another and can be available for both domestic and international transactions. Wire options from the cash management tools include everything from new wires, changing a wire transfer, deleting wires, inquire about/search previous wire transfers, import a wire using new and existing templates. Wire templates save time by allowing you to initiate transfers without re-entering the basic information each time a wire is sent. 

Scheduled Transfers

From the First National Bank and Trust Company Cash Management home page or dashboard, you can select "Payments & Transfers". "Payments & Transfers" is your central hub for moving money. You can select "Internal" to easily transfer money between your accounts. You can select "Repeat" to schedule the transfer to occur for future dates. 

You can also create and save scheduled transfers using ACH, wires and Bill Pay. You can rely on these future payments to occur without having to go into the system and manually process them. You always have the option to log in and review, edit or delete them when needed. 

Positive Pay

With fraudulent activity growing at 25 percent each year, your business's security is more important than ever. First National Bank and Trust Company's Positive Pay service helps identify checks that are unauthorized or have been tampered with before final payment is made. You can login and verify that flagged checks are valid before they are processed. Each time a batch of checks is written, log into Positive Pay and upload your check file. Positive Pay communicates the information to First National Bank and Trust Company, where we match and verify all pending checks to your uploaded file. When an item is mismatched, it is flagged as an exception and sent to you electronically to view and verify. This allows you to approve or decline any exception items and ensures all check payments are valid. 

ACH Origination

This is a secure, cost-effective method for electronically handling routine transactions and can be used for a wide variety of payments and collections. For increased efficiency, you can create templates that save the information to send future batches. This is especially useful when using ACH for employee payroll direct deposit. You can even import files from most accounting software applications. ACH can be included with your cash management tools.

Cash Sweeps

Cash sweeps can help maximize your cash flow and pay down your debt. When you have a high-balance cash sweep in place, the excess cash in your transactional account will sweep to your outstanding loan. This will reduce interest expense and help pay down your debt at a faster rate and maximizing your cash reserves to help minimize your credit risk. 

Remote Deposit Capture

The convenience of a drive-thru without leaving the office. Make deposits right from your desk with remote deposit capture. This service uses a desk scanner to send checks straight to the bank in minutes. It’s quick, convenient and completely secure. Simply endorse, scan and send checks to the bank for processing. Receive same day credit for checks that are submitted before 3:00 p.m.

  • Deposit checks from the convenience of your office
  • Utilizes a desk scanner and internet access
  • Simply sign, scan and send checks to the bank for processing
  • Streamline check handling from multiple offices or locations
  • Same day credit up to 3:00 p.m. realize funds faster, accelerating cash flow
  • Saves time; the whole process can be done in a matter of minutes
  • Reduce time and money spent on document preparation and transportation
  • Fewer errors in accounting  

Can nonprofits use First National Bank and Trust Company's Cash Management? 

There are major perks for nonprofits who use First National Bank and Trust Company's Cash Management, including automated giving and the ability to accept online and mobile donations.   

How can I setup automated giving for my nonprofit?

Automated giving can be achieved easily through recurring ACH or merchant processing services. Reduce the amount of paper checks you are handling by offering an automated giving option. The low-cost set up is quick and we will be there to help you every step of the way! 

Can I accept online and mobile donations? 

It's easy to get set up to accept online and mobile donations. Now, more than ever, it's important to have flexibility in the way you can accept donations. For example, churches can setup an online donation portal using our services.

How do I enroll in Cash Management for my business or nonprofit? 

To get enrolled, simply contact a cash management specialist at 217-935-2148 in Illinois or 608-323-3331 in Wisconsin or email From there, our team can create a senior administrator that will then be able to enroll as many users as necessary for their company. Levels of access, security points and alerts are customizable for each account user.

How can I learn more about these Cash Management offerings? 

We hope your business or non-profit will take advantage of these cash management offerings that help you bank from anywhere 24/7. If you’re interested in learning more about any of First National Bank and Trust Company's cash management services, simply contact us via phone, emailLive Chat or in-person and ask for a member of our cash management team. 


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