kids at entrepreneur camp

Local entrepreneur camp gives students opportunity to develop business ideas

September 14, 2020

Clinton, IL - First National Bank and Trust Company hosted an entrepreneur camp for middle school students August 4th – 7th in partnership with the Vault Community Center.

The camp taught students how to take a concept and develop it into a viable business. Campers learned how to create, market and pitch their ideas to investors while learning collaboration and interpersonal skills as they created their products and businesses in teams. This annual camp was modified due to COVID-19 restrictions, but still provided students with a taste of what it is like to start your own business.

"First National Bank and Trust Company is committed to financial literacy and strengthening our community through the creation of local small businesses,” stated Connie Unruh, Financial Literacy Coordinator. “We believe communities are as strong as their small businesses. This was a great way to introduce entrepreneurial concepts to our local youth. All campers learned about dressing for success and dressed professionally for their final pitches. A big thank you goes to ‘Love it Once More Thrift Store’ for allowing the students to choose professional clothing for their pitches.”

Coming in first place at the camp is Cartuner, a program installed on teens’ cars that controls the stereo volume and does not allow the teen to speed by Josie Blakely and Lexi O’Brien.

In second place was Fidget Bros, fidget spinners in creative shapes like a car or military series. The spinners have more than little spinners; they have things like soft bottoms or buttons to push. They help students stay focused and calm in school plus they are fun to collect. This idea was by Mason Costello and Vic Hillard.

In third place was Bluebird, an electronic pen that writes in any color. You can upload a picture and it will draw it for you, or you can scan a picture you draw and upload it to your device. It also erases your mistakes! This idea was by Oliver Reed and Robbie Reid.

The hope is Clinton area students will learn more about owning their own businesses and spur enrollment in the CEO Program which is offered through the local high schools.

To learn more about First National Bank and Trust Company's Financial Literacy program or for more information on this event, please contact Connie Unruh at 217.935.7464. 

About First National Bank and Trust Co: First National Bank & Trust Company is a community bank located in Clinton, Illinois. Dedicated to community prosperity, the bank was chartered in 1872 under the name DeWitt County National Bank. The name was changed First National Bank and Trust Company in 1974, and was acquired by TS Banking Group in 2017. With $181 million in assets, First National Bank is dedicated to community reinvestment and gives 10% of its net income back to the community. For more information visit