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Finding yourself locked out of online and mobile banking?

March 24, 2023

If you find yourself being locked out of online banking (even though you know your password is right!), it could be caused by not properly logging out the last time you accessed your online banking via the mobile app or web browser. Making sure you click on “LOG OUT” will officially end your session and allow for a smoother log in process the next time you attempt to do so. 

Here are a few helpful tips to help prevent getting automatically locked out after your mobile or online banking session:

  • Whether you're on the app or logged into online banking, always click LOG OUT once you're finished
  • Avoid just swiping the mobile banking app "away" once you're done - this does NOT log you out
  • Avoid just locking your phone screen once you're done with your mobile banking session - this does NOT log you out
  • Do not let your session "time out" naturally - if you're finished with your session, click LOG OUT

For security purposes, there are settings in place that prevent fraudsters from accessing your account should you just "walk away" from your session or not properly log out, but it can also prevent YOU from logging back in as well without assistance from the bank. 

If you are still finding yourself having issues with logging into online and mobile banking, you can contact our Virtual Support on firstnbtc.com during available hours, call us at 217-935-2148 or contact us online after hours here.

Important Note: If online and mobile banking are offline or intermittently working for any reason, we will have a site alert on our website letting you know that you may either have trouble logging in or will not be able to login at all. If this is the case, the above solutions will not work.

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