FNBT drive thru

Tips for using the drive-thru at First National Bank

June 1, 2020

First National Bank’s drive-thru is open and ready for business! If you haven’t used the bank’s drive-thru yet, here are some helpful tips to save you time and improve your experience.

Using the window or drive-thru tubes

Anything from deposits, withdrawals, payments, money orders and cashier checks are banking tasks that can be completed in the drive-thru. To save time, please have all of your items handy! Once you arrive at the bank please use all the lanes, the third lane is best for SUVs and trucks because it sits a little higher up. Let us know what type of transaction you need to make and we will provide the appropriate slip inside the tube.

Once you receive your tube, it will easily twist open to store all of your materials to send back. Please make sure to endorse the back of all checks and ensure your deposit and withdrawal slips are completed to the best of your ability—including your account number! If you don’t know your account number, we will be happy to give it to you for safe keeping for future transactions. Please also make sure to add your ID in the tube with your transaction. This helps us protect you and your money by quickly confirming your identity.

If you are not sure about what you need to do, what slips or what account you need, we are here to help. Also, feel free to ask for a deposit slip or withdrawal slip to use for your next transaction! Once we complete your transaction(s) and send out a receipt or the appropriate paperwork back to you, you have successfully used the drive-thru!

Using the ATM and Video ATM

In some situations, it may be easier to use our ATM or Video ATM. You can use our regular ATM at 2 Kelli St by pulling around the building or the new ATM at 604 S Quincy St. to make withdrawals. Or, in the fourth lane of the drive-thru you will find our new Video ATM that will accept deposits, cash checks, allow you to make loan payments, withdrawals and transfers. Once you engage the Video ATM during open hours, a Universal Banker will appear on screen to assist you with your transaction. Read more about our new Video ATM here.

Using the Night Drop

If you have a deposit, payment or signed paperwork to drop off and can’t make it to the bank during operational hours, please use the bank’s night drop and it will be processed the next morning by a Universal Banker. The night drop box is located in the first lane just past the big window.

BONUS, Debit Cards and Opening New Accounts

If you are having trouble with your debit card or need a new one, please call us at 217-935-2148 and speak to a Universal Banker directly. They will be able to check on the status of your debit card and if needed, print you a new one instantly. Within minutes, you can come through the drive-thru to pick it up or we can put in the mail for you. Again, your ID will be asked to protect you and your account to receive the new debit card.

We can’t open new accounts in the drive-thru. However, we invite you to open new accounts online, by phone or email. If needed, a Universal Banker will be in contact to help you finish your account opening, this typically involves confirming your identity. Additionally, you can make an appointment to come into the bank to open new or additional accounts by calling 217-935-2148.

We’ve also recently published a blog on how to work with us now, check that out here. First National Bank is striving to be as agile as possible while adjusting our client service in this changing environment. As the situation continues to develop, we will be sending regular communication on changes that impact our clients. We are honored to continue to serve you while doing our part to help ‘flatten the curve!’


About First National Bank and Trust Co: First National Bank & Trust Company is a community bank located in Clinton, Illinois. Dedicated to community prosperity, the bank was chartered in 1872 under the name DeWitt County National Bank. The name was changed First National Bank and Trust Company in 1974, and was acquired by TS Banking Group in 2017. With $186 million in assets, First National Bank is dedicated to community reinvestment and gives 10% of its net income back to the community. For more information visit firstnbtc.com.