First National Bank Deland-Weldon and CES Maroons branc

Student-led banks highlight First National Bank and Trust Company’s commitment to financial wellness

May 31, 2024

Clinton, IL, Friday, May 31, 2024 - As the academic calendar draws to a close, First National Bank and Trust Company’s in-school student-led banks celebrate the culmination of another rewarding year. Established in 2018 as part of First National Bank Trust Company’s ongoing commitment to financial wellness, these programs have been instrumental in shaping the financial wellness landscape in central Illinois.

First National Bank and Trust Company’s two local student-led banks at Clinton Elementary Maroons Branch and DeLand-Weldon Community Unit School District Eagles Branch, have continued to thrive since their openings in January 2023. Nearly 790 deposits were made by students this year, contributing to the financial education of over 1,000 students annually.

The approach goes beyond traditional banking. Students are introduced to financial concepts through hands-on training, empowering them to make sound money decisions from an early age.

"It's encouraging to see the next generation understand how saving money can benefit their future. I also love watching the student bankers teach younger kids about making deposits and counting money. It’s been a wonderful year seeing all the students grow,” said Sabrina Brough, First National Bank and Trust Company Universal Banker.

Beyond school partnerships, First National Bank and Trust Company continues to champion financial wellness within the community and is dedicated to empowering individuals to make informed decisions and secure their financial future.

"My favorite part of the Clinton Elementary School Maroons Branch is how I get to help and work with the students," added Avery Brady, Maroons Branch Student Banker.

In reflection on another successful year, First National Bank and Trust Company remains committed to building a brighter, more financially savvy future for our community.

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About First National Bank & Trust Company: First National Bank & Trust Company is a community bank located in Clinton, Illinois as well as Arcadia, Whitehall and Independence, Wisconsin. Dedicated to community prosperity, the First National Bank and Trust Company was chartered in 1872 under the name DeWitt County National Bank and became part of the TS Banking Group in 2017. With $410 million in assets, First National Bank and Trust Company is dedicated to community reinvestment and gives 10% of its net income back to the community. For more information, visit