Video ATM

How to use First National Bank’s new Video ATM

March 31, 2020

We are pleased to share that First National Bank now has a Video ATM! While it might look a bit intimidating, we promise our Video ATM is very user-friendly and has the power to provide you with an even better banking experience. We have compiled some information on what you can expect before you go through the 4th drive-thru lane to try it out!

What is the difference between a Video ATM and a regular ATM?
A Video ATM is much more than a regular ATM, they allow personal transactions between you and a Universal Banker. When engaged, our Universal Bankers will appear on video to help with your transactions. The Video ATM will allow deposits, check cashing, loan payments, withdrawals and transfers, in comparison to a regular ATM that is self-service and only includes cash withdrawals and transfers. First National Bank believes the Video ATM will not only cut back wait times in the drive-thru but also enhance client experience. 

Is there a fee to use the Video ATM?

There is no fee or charge to use the Video ATM. If you are not a First National Bank client and need to cash a check, there may be a nominal check-cashing fee that will be disclosed to you prior to your transaction. This fee is not directly associated with the Video ATM and would be charged to you inside the bank as well.

Can I deposit coin in a Video ATM?

As of now, coin cannot be deposited into the Video ATMs but can be dispensed. Large coin deposits can be made in the branch lobby (by appointment).

Will I need to use my ID every time?

Personal IDs will not be necessary for every transaction, as First National Bank strives to build relationships with clients. However, for client protection, presentation of an ID may be asked if they are not fully confident. It is the bank’s intention when asking for an ID to safeguard client funds and build lasting relationships.

Why did you add a Video ATM now?

Video ATMs are relatively new technology in banking. Adding one now allows us to safely serve clients while practicing safe social distancing. We believe that adding this technology allows us to provide a more personal banking experience, despite our lobby being closed.

Will large commercial transactions be processed through the Video ATM?

Please schedule an appointment in the lobby to process large commercial deposits, make change orders, gift cards, travel money cards, account maintenance and wire requests.

What will the hours of the Video ATM be?

The Video ATM in the 4th lane of the drive-thru at the main location, 2 Kelli Court, will be available from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

We invite you to try out this new technology, the first of its kind in DeWitt county. Questions? Please call First National Bank and Trust at 217-935-2148.