safe deposit boxes

Everything you need to know about safe deposit boxes

June 24, 2020

You might have that wall safe behind your favorite portrait of uncle Joe or store your valuables under your mattress, but how safe are your valuables? Another option is a safe deposit box at First National Bank and Trust! Safeguarding your valuables is an important thing to do. One benefit of having a safe deposit box at First National Bank and Trust is your valuables will be more secure than at home. They will also be safe from tornadoes, floods, fire and other natural disasters because most bank vaults are made with reinforced steel which is where safe deposit boxes are located.  

At First National Bank and Trust we have several different sizes ranging from 3 inches by 5 inches to 10 inches by 10 inches, all at reasonable prices. Also, if you have an account with us you can receive a $5.00 discount for automatic payment of your safe deposit box.

There are a few questions you might have about safe deposit boxes:           

Who can enter my safe deposit box?
The renter and any authorized signers on the rental agreement lease can access your safe deposit box. It is usually a good idea to have someone you trust to be an authorized signer; in case you need them to enter when you can’t.             

Who has the keys to my safe deposit box?
When a safe deposit box is rented, two keys are issued to the renter. Please note: the bank does not have or keep a copy of the key. 

How do I enter my safe deposit box?
You can come into First National Bank and Trust at 2 Kelli Court, where you or your authorized signer will sign an entry card to enter the safe deposit box. Any person that enters the vault or safe deposit box room must sign in. You would bring your key that was issued to you and a bank representative will use the bank’s guard key to enter the safe deposit box. You will have to sign in every time you enter the box.

What can I put in my safe deposit box?
You can put any important papers in your safe deposit box such as: birth certificates, adoption papers, marriage license, military papers, school transcript, copies of wills and powers of attorney, deeds to homes, titles to vehicles or any documents you feel are difficult or impossible to replace. Plus, any family heirlooms such as jewelry or keepsakes. It is a good idea to keep an inventory list of what you do have in your safe deposit box for future reference.             

What shouldn’t I put in my safe deposit box?
Passports, the only copy of important documents such as living wills and power of attorney, cash (your deposit accounts are federally insured by the bank, but cash in a safe deposit box is not) and anything illegal.

So, do you need to keep documents and family heirlooms safe? If so, then maybe a safe deposit box is for you. Stop by First National Bank and Trust to take a look at our safe deposit boxes to rent one that will fit your needs. Make an appointment to visit us in-person by calling 217-935-2148.


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