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Cluver helps people heal at Complete Wellness and Integrated Health Center

August 19, 2019

At First National Bank and Trust Company we believe that a community is only as strong as its local businesses. This is why we have made it one of our top priorities to spotlight local businesses in the Clinton area as part of our Eat, Shop, Bank Local blog series. Here we have featured Dr. Stephanie Cluver, owner of Complete Wellness and Integrated Health Center.

Dr. Stephanie Cluver has been providing chiropractic care in the Clinton area for almost 20 years at the Complete Wellness and Integrated Health Center, including more than 15 as the owner of the practice.

Cluver joined Dr. Greg Allen in 2000 as an associate before purchasing the practice in 2004. They moved to their current location, in the former Regions Bank building at 211 S. Quincy St., in 2016. Clinton Chiropractic Clinic has four employees and an intern, in addition to Cluver.

Cluver grew up in Clinton and went to Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri. Her husband Rennie is the director of the Clinton YMCA and they have two children.

Cluver said she provides a variety of chiropractic services to all ages – including adjusting newborns all the way up to a 102-year-old client.

“Chiropractice knows no age or gender boundaries,” she said.

Cluver said the benefits of chiropractic care include a variety of symptom relief. She said the practice is far reaching because, “we remove nerve interference allowing the body to heal itself.”

What does she love about the job?

“I get to help people be the best version of themselves,” the doctor said.

First National Bank and Trust is proud to work with Clinton Chiropractic Clinic as it works to achieve its goals making people healthier in DeWitt County.

“First National Bank has the same belief in Clinton that I do. Very community-oriented, professional, high standards and accessibility of staff,” she said. “The bank has been able to assist when my business was needing to grow. Additionally, we love (Financial Literacy Coordinator) Connie Unruh! She has been such a blessing for the community.”

For more information, call the Complete Wellness and Integrated Health Center at 217-935-655 or visit its Facebook page.

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