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Homes For Heroes - Rhett Hillard

August 27, 2020

In this blog series, we will feature local heroes from our community. This series is part of our Homes for Heroes campaign with the goal of getting more heroes into the home of their dreams. For our first ever hero feature, we will would like to introduce you to Rhett Hillard, FNBT’s Mortgage Loan Specialist and driver of the Homes for Heroes program at FNBT. Learn more about First National Bank and Trust Company’s Home for Heroes campaign here.

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Rhett and I grew up in Central Illinois. In school, my first love was sports and I played football, wrestled and was a thrower on the track team. After high school I attended Illinois State University and was on the track team. It was competing for the Redbirds that I met and fell in love with a fellow thrower, my wife Margie.

After ISU, I joined the U.S. Army and served two deployments in Afghanistan. We moved home after the Army in 2010 where I joined my family’s garage door business in Bloomington. This business was eventually sold but I stayed in construction sales till 2020, when I joined First National Bank and Trust Company as a mortgage lender.

Margie and I have four son’s age 12 to 2 and live here in Clinton. We enjoy spending time as a family, playing outside, reading, our dog and cat and watching movies.

Why did you join the military?
I think that I always knew that I would serve in the military in some fashion. It changed over the years, but the desire never left. I was a freshman in college when 9/11 happened and I will never forget that sight. But it was my junior year in college, where I finally made the decision that I would join after I graduated. The Army was the best fit for me and what I wanted to do. I served from 2005 to 2010.

What advice would you give someone wanting to join the military?
Study all the options the military has. I was very focused on what would get me into the fight, so I was in a combat role in the Army. But there are many other things that can be done while still serving. Also, it is definitely not the best for family life, so if you want to serve, I would recommend doing it before you get married and have kids. It is a great place to think about what you want to do with your life and then you get great benefits that stay with you the rest of your life. Also, you get a chance to do things that are just not possible anywhere else.

How did you hear about the Homes For Heroes Program?
I heard about the program from a local realtor. She was the pioneer for this program in this area. The more that I learned the more that I liked it, and I am very proud to bring this benefit to other heroes.

To reach out to Rhett, please contact us or call him directly at 217.935.7460. First National Bank and Trust Company would love to be your partner when buying your next home.

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